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Certificate in Bridal Dressing

About Course

The Certificate in Bridal Dressing course teaches you how to apply professional-level makeup for a variety of different looks and occasions, including films and photoshoots. This course suits anyone who wants to apply cosmetics professionally or even those who simply want to look their best.

Course Content

Lesson 01 & 02
This is the lesson 01 & 02

  • Introduction & Bridal Treatment

Lesson 03
This is the lesson 03

Lesson 04 & 05
This is lesson 04 & 05

Lesson 06 & 07
This is lesson 06 & 07

Lesson 08 – 12
This is lesson 08 - 12

Practical 01
Practical Session.

Practical 02
Practical Sessions.

Assignment 01

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1 month ago
Very use full. Thank you
8 months ago
Alhamdhullilah good explanation 👍😇
9 months ago
Clear explanation Thank you bright future.
10 months ago
Thank you so much bright future ❤❤
11 months ago
Thank uh so much this opportunity.. it's very useful . Thanke u for bright future e-learning academy
11 months ago
Thank u bright future for giving us an opportunity to learn and explanation are best
12 months ago
Blessed to join this course.. it's awesome very clear explanation no words to describe teaching methods.. Alhamdullilah
1 year ago
Clear explanation...❤ Thank u very much mam
1 year ago
Assalamu alaikkum **Thank you for the bright future academy. I am so happy for this opportunity ## Masha allah very great teaching methods...and cls super explanation.
1 year ago
I thought the course was well organized, clear and easy to follow and the instructor was very knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills.The instructor did a great job in covering the course. Thank you Bright future for this opportunity.
Assalamu alaikum. Alhamdulillah???? I had great opportunity from Bright future academy .jazakallah hair for this opportunity. I'm very proud to be a student BFELA. Very clear explanation and teaching method. I am very thankful to teachers and team members .
1 year ago
Assalamu Alaikum..... I'am really proud to join this academy. I like it and this learning system is wonderful. The way of teaching was superb. Allah always bless our academy... Alhamdulillah????????
1 year ago
Thank you so much BFELA very very clear jazakkallah
1 year ago
Jezakallahir ???? Bright future Ex learning Academy ❤️ easy learning method and clear explanation ????❤️ thank a lot aakib sir and rushdha miss ????♥️
Jezzakallah Khair❤️Bright Future E-Learning Acadamy,Easy learning method, clear explanation,???? Superb ❤️Let's achieve our dream in future Insha Allah❤️
2 years ago
Thank you so much BFEL academy ❤ nalla ellam velangichchi????.ippo enakku idhula doubt illama ellam theriyum.best explain thandhu ikiringa...adhu ellarukkume nalla use full enakku romba romba use full ah irukku???? a/l study pannitu irukkum podhu idhu venamnnu miss panni irundha enakku idhala ivlo benefits kedachchi ikkadhu????...thank you so much again????????.bcz..a/l study pandravanga,o/l seiravanga,house wives,working person and college or uni students mari ikkira ellarukkum best teaching style????.namakku freeyaana time paththukka elum mari best solution idhu????.michcha nallam????.thanks.thank you so so so much BFEL academy????????.i proud of about me bcz iam a student of bright future e-learning academy????????.again thank you so much........❤keep it up????????
2 years ago
Thank you bright future
Sivasankar Sitra
2 years ago
Super class miss thank you so much bright future E- learning academy team
Alhamdullillah. Lesson was very clear miss. Thank you so much ❤️
Clear explanation, ????Very interesting and useful????

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