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Certificate in Business Management

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The Certificate in Business Management will help you to identify and describe key theories and practices in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics, and business law.

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Lesson 01
This is the lesson 01

  • Introduction

Lesson 02
This is the lesson 02

Lesson 03
This is the lesson 03

Lesson 04
This is the lesson 04

Lesson 05
This is lesson 05

Lesson 06
This is lesson 06

Lesson 07
This is lesson 07

Lesson 08
This is lesson 08

Lesson 09
This is lesson 09

Lesson 10
This is lesson 10

Assignment 01

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8 months ago
The lessons was very clear thank you so much ❤️
9 months ago
Thanks a lot for this opportunity sir, wonderful teaching and clear explanation. I have been challenged to work hard towards achieving my goals in life.
11 months ago
Good explanation to understand
11 months ago
Good explanation
11 months ago
Very easy to understand. Thank you so much sir
12 months ago
Thank you for lms platform giving us to learn this it was fully clear and understandable session to me i learned a lot from this thnk you all
1 year ago
Understood very well, superb teaching ways
Fathima Suhana
8 months ago
Throughout this lesson, I learned plenty from the way you taught us. It was an outstanding explanation, thank you you so much kobishanth sir... you made these lessons way too easy for us.
2 years ago
Can understand ????nice explanation ????
2 years ago
The lesson was crystal clear, The way of teaching was excellent. I really enjoyed the class, heart full thank, Thank you so much sir
2 years ago
I can understand clearly the way he is explaining. Thank you so much sir
2 years ago
Good explanation ????

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