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Certificate in Calligraphy

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The Certificate in Calligraphy will help to learn the history and culture behind Western calligraphy and each of the alphabetic types practiced. It will help to learn basic pen strokes and forms of decoration and borders.

Course Content

Lesson 01
This is the lesson 01

  • Introduction
  • Part 01
  • Part 02

Lesson 02
This is the lesson 02

Lesson 03 & 04
This is lesson 03 & 04

This is Practical

Lesson 05
This is lesson 05

Lesson 06 & 07
This is lesson 06 & 07

Lesson 08 & 09
This is lesson 08 & 09

Lesson 10 – 12
This is lesson 10 - 12

Practical Session.

Assignment 01
Practical Assignment

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8 months ago
Alhamdulillah 👍Can understand very well.it is better if had an explanation thank you ❣
8 months ago
I love calligraphy ♥️ Very interesting ✨clear expectations 🍃Jazakallah 💕
9 months ago
It was very intresting to learn
11 months ago
Alhamdullilah I love calligraphy now I had a perfect knowledge of calligraphy very clear explanation
11 months ago
Thank you so mach ma’am nice work
8 months ago
Very useful and clear explanation👍 thanks a lots ❤️ i love calligraphy now thank you so much for giving this opportunity BFELA❤️
1 year ago
I love calligraphy...but after the class I learned lot..tnk you so much ma'am..tnq BFE-LA
1 year ago
I understood the lessons very well. I had a little knowledge of calligraphy, but now I think that I'm a perfect calligraphy writer. Thank you BFELA❤️
1 year ago
Thank you so much for the excellent explanation alhamdullilah.👍
1 year ago
Calligraphy was really interesting and useful thanks alot
Rishma Jesmin
1 year ago
A nice course. Learned few more new things in calligraphy. Good practice. Nice work. Well explained.
Shafiya rafeek
2 years ago
really good????
2 years ago
Masha Allah ma'am I love the way you're teaching and the way of lms leads ❤
Very interesting and useful
2 years ago
Can understand very well.it is better if had an explanation during practical lesson
2 years ago
Miss thank you so much, the lesson was really good and I was able understand very clearly . But I sugest that if you could give a voice over for the practical lesson that you have uploaded , it would be much great.

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