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Certificate in Child Psychology

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The Certificate in Child Psychology understands the discipline of child psychology as an area of study. It will help you to understand how theories try to explain children’s development and also understand how child psychologists work in different applied settings.

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Lesson 01
This is the lesson 01

  • Introduction to Child Psychology 

Lesson 02 & 03
This is the lesson 02 & 03

Lesson 04
This is the lesson 04

Lesson 05 & 06
This is lesson 05 & 06

Lesson 07 & 08
This is lesson 07 & 08

Lesson 09 & 10
This is lesson 09 & 10

Lesson 11 & 12
This is lesson 11 & 12

Assignment 01

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9 months ago
Thank you so much.
9 months ago
Very nice explanation
10 months ago
Thank you for good explanation
10 months ago
Ma sha allah good explanation and very useful for life Alhamdhulillah
10 months ago
I really enjoy the bright future courses.i thought it was well planned and layed out,easy for me to follow. Really good explanation.thank you so much.
10 months ago
Thanks you so much,very clear explanation
10 months ago
Really good explanation 👍. I'm really proud to be a student of BFELA. Your teaching methods are very easy to understand without any doubts 🤗 Thank you so much maam❤️ This course is very useful to us.😊 Thank you BFELA 💝
10 months ago
All the subject are well explained so that we students can easily study and take exams. And all knowledge related to the subject is available. Thanks a lot . best wishes for your continued service.
11 months ago
Such a wonderful explanation from the teacher thanks a lot
11 months ago
Alhamdhulillah so much satisfied 😍❤️
11 months ago
😊Thanks a lot for this opportunity Madam wonderful teaching and clear explanation. I have been challenged to work hard towards achieving my goals in life.❤❤❤
11 months ago
Thank you so much. My favourite session
11 months ago
I am very happy with your teaching.It was very helpful for me.the classes were very clear.appreciate the time and effort you spent on this.thank you.
11 months ago
I love the way you teach and I appreciate the time and effort you put into making sure we understand the material.nice explanation, teacher. Thank you so much for your hard work!
11 months ago
11 months ago
Explanation are best in and awesome I like studying more and more 🥰thank u bright future
12 months ago
This course was very useful...I can understand very easily...thanks a lot maam
1 year ago
My fvrt section this is I understand very well maam
1 year ago
An excellent course to get a general idea about psychology as well as understanding of what to doo..... very clear and very useful and explanation was awesome ❤️.. Thank you so much BFELA
11 months ago
I studied lot from this part because the lesson was very useful to our life

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