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Certificate in Software Engineering

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The Certificate in Software Engineering will help you to Work as an individual and as part of a multidisciplinary team to develop and deliver quality software. It will help you to  Demonstrate an understanding of and apply current theories, models, and techniques that provide a basis for the software lifecycle.

Course Content

Lesson 01 & 02
This is the lesson 01 & 02

  • Computing Essentials & SDLC

Lesson 03 & 04
This is the lesson 02 & 03

This is is the revision

Lesson 05
This is lesson 05

Lesson 06
This is lesson 06

Lesson 07
This is lesson 07

Lesson 08 & Revision
This is lesson 08 & Revision

Assignment 01

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8 months ago
Lessons was very clear thank you so much 😊
8 months ago
Mashaallah super 👌🏻♥️I love software engineering
9 months ago
For first time here I studied about Software engineering...Thanks for the knowledge you gave me...
9 months ago
Masha allah good teaching method.....🌹Thank you so much Ma'am 💫❤️
11 months ago
The Certificate in Software Engineering course was a game-changer for me. The course content was up-to-date and practical, covering essential topics and tools in software development. The hands-on projects and assignments helped me apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
12 months ago
Masha Allah very clear explanation
1 year ago
Wow masha allah best teaching method......now Iam feeling a software engineer????‍????
2 years ago
Wow ???? super.enakku software engineering study panna michcha naal aasa ippo indha time software engineering course senji adhula pass aavi next level vandhadhukku bright future e-learning academy than karanam????.thank you so much BFELA enakku michcham happy ah ikkidhu????....bright future la study panni ippo software engineering enda ennannu therinjikkittu maththavangalukku solli kudukkura alavu knowledge thandhu ikkiranga???? ..so again thank you so much BFELA????????.ipdiye indha academy la neraya students vandhu study pannanum????..academy innum mela vandhutte ikkanum.insha allah???? idhula nanum oru studentnnu nenaikum podhu iam so proud ???? thank you...
1 year ago
Mshlllhh I'll also be a software engineering

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