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Certificate in Teacher Training

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The Certificate in Teacher Training will help you to Handle the students correctly and also will help you to learn more about Presentation Skills, Teaching Skills, and Management Skills.

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Lesson 01
This is the lesson 01

  • Introduction

Lesson 02
This is the lesson 02

Lesson 03 & 04
This is lesson 03 & 04

Lesson 05
This is lesson 05

Lesson 06 & 07
This is lesson 06 & 07

Lesson 08
This is lesson 08

Lesson 09 & 10
This is lesson 09 & 10

Lesson 11
This is lesson 11

Lesson 12
This is lesson 12

Practical Session.

Assignment 01

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4 months ago
Thank you mam
8 months ago
Great opportunity… Thank you ma'am
8 months ago
Thank you ma’am for clear explanation
9 months ago
Very clear explanation.
9 months ago
Good explanation👍Thank you so much BFELA ❤️😍
10 months ago
Masha allah good teaching method.Thnk you so much😇👍
10 months ago
Thank you, very clear explanation
10 months ago
Thank you so much this opportunity.. this is very useful for home learning.. perfect explain. 💙
10 months ago
So nice of thank you
10 months ago
Thank you this opportunity.you explantaction is very clear.i understood lesson very well.thank you soo much.
10 months ago
https://lms.brightfuture.lk/courses/certificate-in-teacher-training/ but ellam clear ra velangichi
10 months ago
Very clear and good explanation thanks a lot
10 months ago
Masha allah good teaching method
10 months ago
All the subject are well explained so that we students can easily study and take exams. And all knowledge related to the subject is available. Thanks a lot. Best wishes for your continued service.
11 months ago
First I thank the BFELA✨ alhamdulillah I have done almost half of my sessions alhamdulillah for it very good and clear explanation ❤️iam very happy to be a student of BFELA👩‍🎓... Thank you so ma'am for your clear explanation ❤️
12 months ago
I understood lesson very well alhamdulilah 🙂
11 months ago
I understood the lesson very well and your explanation is very clear and excellent.Thank you madam.Thank you so much BFELA
1 year ago
Thank you ma'am give this opportunity
1 year ago
Thanks a lot for this opportunity Madam wonderful teaching and clear explanation. I have been challenged to work hard towards achieving my goals in life.
1 year ago
Alhamdhulillah the sessions are very clear and easy to understand .Thank you ma'am

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